Free mp3 downloads sites


You will find on this site many tips on how to find and download music files known as mp3s. We also provide you with links to sites where you can find those much files.

What is an mp3?

MP3 is basically a compressed music file. You will need a player to listen to mp3s . It takes about 10 times less space than a regular CD track, making it great to use on the Internet.

Where to download?

There are millions of MP3s on the web.... but... there are also a lot of dead links. The most reliable MP3 sources are sites that provide "legal" mp3s, like which is all straight-up fully legal MP3 authorized by the content providers. There's lots of good music there, but it takes time to find stuff you like, since you'll never have heard of most of the artists. But we'll give you some good links further down.

Free Mp3 Downloads Tips:

A- always right-click a link and select "save target as" to download an mp3 properly.
B- if an mp3 file's extension does not end in .mp3:

     1. rename it to mp3name.mp3 and play it in Winamp
2. rename it to and try to unzip it (with Winzip)
3. rename it to mp3name.rar and try to unrar it (with WinRar)

C- if your file is password protected, check out our free mp3 downloads password list
D- once you find a good free mp3 downloads site, bookmark it by pressing your CTRL + D keys simultaneously on your keyboard
E- Google can be a lot of help to find the free mp3 downloads you need: simply type "artist name song name mp3"
F- You can also try this free mp3 or this free music downloads site.